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Waypoint Group delivers custom tailored B2B action plans that make sense for each client with unique and specific needs. We partner with your team from the C-Suite to customer-facing employees to increase the engagement from all sides, ensuring maximum impact.

We know time is money, so we leverage our years of experience to help craft communications, deploy customer feedback, and analyze the data in a short but manageable time frame.  We quickly identify KPIs and provide recommendations so you can act promptly, too. Take a look at some of our B2B customer experience consulting services below.

Consulting Services

Communication Framework

Set expectations the right way with framing and context when deploying a customer success initiative for optimal engagement. Our templates for how to inform, educate and evangelize your program both internally and with customers help you assemble critical information the right way. 

Closed Loop Practices

Companies running surveys without a systematic follow-up process can never truly obtain the full picture or achieve customer success . Closing the loop helps take action by digging deeper to identify the root cause of an issue or bright spot, not just a symptom.

Customer Segmentation

Waypoint will help you segment accounts down to the contact level, identifying who is a Decision Maker, Influencer, End User and any other customer type you may have. Illustrating how each segment perceives and interacts with your company will pinpoint what’s working and what isn’t.

Financial Linkage

Prioritize your objectives by tying your VoC insights to financial data to positively impact the bottom line while also aiding customer success. Through statistical rigor and decades of consulting experience, we shine the light on where to focus in order to drive significant ROI.

Executive & Front-Line Training

Executive-level buy-in combined with content that is easily implemented by your service and account management staff are critical ingredients to growth. We help translate your company’s strategy, purpose, and solutions into terms that work for staff and colleagues on any level.

Win/Loss Analysis

In addition to polling customer satisfaction, you may want to understand why a customer did/didn’t make a purchase. We’ll show you how to deploy a win/loss survey correctly to identify how and why your products are moving off shelves (or not).


Customer Feedback Design

We coach companies to create self-sustaining VoC programs with the nitty gritty details like questionnaire design, communication structure, customer segmentation by role, timing of survey waves, and how to form a coalition of like-minded customer success managers.


Through our many years of using rigorous analytical tools to slice and dice your customer data, we’ll identify Key Performance Indicators and prioritize the right solutions so you don’t have to.

Customer Journey Mapping

Create a map of your customer journey as a first step in identifying any gaps, whether it’s in onboarding, implementation, closeout or somewhere in between. We’ll get you on your way to begin recognizing any “pain points” and “bright spots” you customers may be experiencing.

The Tools of the Trade

Customer Success teams need to spend more time understanding customer needs and less time administering tedious surveys and generating reports.

We created TopBox so that managers can easily make sense of the complex B2B landscape; pinpoint which accounts to focus on, understand which Key Drivers would have the most impact, and who specifically in an account is the best contact for follow-up before they churn.

TopBox is uniquely designed for B2B companies:

  • Ask the right questions to the right customers
  • Evaluate customer health effectively & efficiently
  • Prioritize action items to improve the customer experience
  • Organize a strategy for closing the loop
  • Deliver ROI for your CX program

See what TopBox can do for you, using new feedback data or existing data from previous feedback attempts.

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Identify the Right Indicators

There’s often no single metric that will indicate success or failure, Waypoint will identify the right leading indicators to generate actionable plans that lead to growth.

Every tactic should be Executable, Sustainable, and Profitable with clear and measurable results at each phase.


Use our E.S.P methods to:

  • Evaluate your loyalty baseline
  • Identify and engage customer references
  • Evaluate 3rd party vendor selection (read: unbiased!) recommendations to fit your needs
  • Translate your value proposition into easily understandable segments that each department can implement in the context of their daily work.
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Analysis Into Action

Develop your offerings

It’s simple: Invest up front, or waste time and spend more money later. And if your strategy is not documented, you’re not executing effectively.

Effective customer experience strategy requires:

  • A company-wide understanding of your differentiation and value to a defined audience.
  • A strategic plan that enhances and communicates the value.
  • Market testing, validation, and execution followed by a clear feedback loop to rapidly iterate and improve

Ensure high performance and alignment by determining both the costs and benefits associated with any gaps in expectations and delivery, and then establish the priorities and plan to improve. We help you develop the right processes, workflows, and solutions for your customers to keep them coming back.

Move the Needle

Every customer interaction must reinforce your value. Yet not every front-line employee is adept at delivery: they clearly have different training, expertise, and tasks.

Ingrain the discipline into the fabric of your organization by automating customer success initiatives and repeating the cycle continuously.

We have the experience that enables customer-centric companies to:

  • Understand gaps in the customer experience
  • Quantitatively define the ROI on “Customer Experience”
  • Optimize the experience for your various customer segments


Activate Your Promoters

Advocates naturally tell their friends and colleagues about your products and services on their own fruition. Do you know who these people are? Are you actively engaging them to promote you?

Winning Customer Reference programs have 3 parts:

  • Who? Know who your customer references are by product, service, industry, geography, and other important segmentation
  • Where? Easily search a simple online customer database that can be accessed by anyone you authorize
  • How? Make sure the system is highly scalable and inexpensive. Start by letting your customers tell you if they would be willing to be a reference!