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New Insights

Silent Accounts are 4-14 times more likely to churn

What other insights are hiding in your current data?

Prove your team's ROI...

  • How much revenue is at risk of churn and why?
  • How do Decision Makers feel about your company, not just End Users?
  • Where are the best opportunities for upsell?

TopBox has this info you’ve been missing.

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How it Works

  • Upload your current CX/voice of customer experience data into TopBox
  • Uniquely designed reports will drill down to contact and account-level analysis
  • CS industry experts will walk your team through the insights

Get new insights with your current CX data and start strengthening relationships & retention.

Let’s Do This

Research has shown that while 70% of companies collect NPS®-like data, only 30% of companies actually use the insights.

Say, what?

Why bother asking customers for their opinion when they have little reason to believe it will ever amount to anything? This is usually the cause of horribly low response rates. And by horribly low, we mean less than 50%.

Too few responses lead to unreliable data, which leads to skeptical management. Collecting voice of customer experience data should be a driving force for product development, relationship management, and improving business processes. But without enough data, solid decisions can’t be applied.

B2B companies must create a holistic program that demonstrates the value for customers to willingly supply their comments. Through industry best practices, proper account-based management, analysis and clear cut reporting, TopBox enables companies to drive growth and strengthen customer relationships.