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Is NPS Lying to You?

Is NPS Lying to You?

What? How could our NPS metrics be “lying” to us? While surveys and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) are widely used, the initial research behind it came from consumer-focused (B2C) companies.nps metrics

For B2B companies, there are specific considerations that should be taken into account to take the right actions that will accelerate profitable growth. If you’re not careful and consider the differences in data collection, survey analysis, and follow-up action, your NPS metrics could lead you astray.

We’ve learned quite a lot in our 20+ years helping B2B firms use customer feedback (including Net Promoter) and we’re happy to share lessons learned with you.

So are your NPS metrics and survey process lying to you? Watch this brief (~10 minute) video on how to ensure Net Promoter will work most effectively for your B2B business.

Steve is the Founder of Waypoint Group and mastermind behind TopBox, the voice of customer engagement platform for B2B. As a customer success veteran, Steve has helped shift the Net Promoter® framework for SaaS and B2B companies, highlighting the need for account-based KPI's and measuring ROI for CX. Beware of those silent accounts! Contact him at


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