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Failure Sucks Chapters 1-3

Building the Foundation for Customer Success

waypoint group book failure sucks Download the first section of the B2B How-To Guide and learn about:

  • Why Customer Success is important for SaaS and B2B companies
  • Customer Lifetime Value and linking CS to revenue for true ROI
  • The Success Equation – how can companies think about improving the customer experience?

Lots of companies have begun implementing CS programs, but many have not caught on. If your team is looking to develop stronger customer relationships, this book will guide you through the steps.

Each chapter has its own “Now You Try” section to begin putting the best practices in place.

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Section 1 Contents...

The first section of this book is titled, “Building the Foundation” and discusses what you need to get teammates on board with building a CS program, why you need to build a multi-department coalition and how to systematically measure and improve the customer experience with the Success Equation.

Chapter 1 – Why Customer Success?

You may be sold on the idea of why your company needs a CS team but you may need to educate your colleagues on the benefits. This first introductory chapter outlines how everyone within a B2B company has a hand in influencing how the customer flows through the buying journey with you, and why that matters.

Chapter 2 – Telling a Financial Story

Nothing gets people’s attention like money. Linking customer satisfaction and success to revenue is not only the best way to prove ROI for a program, it’s the best way to convince the C-suite that this is worth the time and budget. This chapter explains Customer Lifetime Value (CLV or LTV) and how your team should think about it’s relationship to CS.

Chapter 3 – The Success Equation 

Defining everything that shapes the “customer experience” is hard, so we broke the components down into an equation that teams can assess and improve. Find out how you can score higher with this Success Equation!


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