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CX and CS: Both are Required to Drive B2B Retention and Expansion

CX and CS: Both are Required to Drive B2B Retention and Expansion

I was pleased to be able to join my friends from Workday and Gainsight for a video panel discussion in which we covered:

  • How “Customer Experience” and “Customer Success” differ and critical complements to one another (i.e:  B2B roles/persona for “users” vs. “buying committee”)
  • Why voice-of-customer (VoC / customer feedback) must be a critical component for any B2B  company pursuing a “land and expand” or subscription business (i.e. early warning indicators)
  • The critical differences of 1:1 and 1:Many focus in VoC, and how 1:1 can be effectively implemented to accelerate growth (i.e. account based insights can more rapidly drive growth)
  • What “closed loop” really means (i.e. it’s more than just a follow-up)

The video recording of this session is directly here and the slides are available here.

The additional sessions from Gainsight’s full day Pulse Check 2017 event can be found at

Steve is the Founder of Waypoint Group and mastermind behind TopBox, the voice of customer engagement platform for B2B. As a customer success veteran, Steve has helped shift the Net Promoter® framework for SaaS and B2B companies, highlighting the need for account-based KPI's and measuring ROI for CX. Beware of those silent accounts! Contact him at


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