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Customer Success Consulting & Tools

customer success best practices


As with many companies who measure customer experience and practice Voice of Customer (VoC) initiatives, taking action is often the missing key ingredient missing. That’s where we come in.

Waypoint Group delivers custom tailored B2B action plans that make sense for each client with unique and specific needs. We know time is money, so you can’t possibly afford to waste months deciphering data and how to execute on it. We will quickly identify KPIs and provide recommendations so you can act promptly, too.

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customer success best practices

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We developed TopBox to help companies quickly deploy, analyze and act on feedback with the guidance of consultants, minus the need for a consulting arrangement. We’ve built-in the reports that our consulting clients have used and benefited from for years, providing an account level and role-based view of accounts.


As a managed service, teams get direction on questionnaire design, how to structure the program, and best practices in customer success strategies for follow-up and closing the loop.

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