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Customer Satisfaction Benchmarks

Which accounts are happiest?

Customer Satisfaction Benchmarks Provide Context.

Context for feedback data is always good. Are certain accounts in your Strategic or Tier 1 segment thriving while others struggle?

Find trends within segments with Benchmarks.

In this particular example, ACME Corp is less likely to Recommend the company and thinks that 3 parts of the relationship can be improved: Account Management, Ease of Doing Business, and whether the company Cares.

These rate much lower than other strategic accounts seem to think these areas are a 7/10.

customer satisfaction benchmarks

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ACME Corp also rates several touchpoints very high: the Sales Materials, Technology, Call Center, and the Accounting department.

These are a 9/10, and much higher than other strategic accounts. Interesting.


Next steps: Your team has great framework for what to discuss when approaching the people within the account for follow-up and find out why ACME Corp differs from their peers.

Use the Account X-Ray report to see who specifically rated your company low.

Research is our middle name – literally. (Waypoint Research Group, to be exact.)

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