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Customer Experience Black Belt

Customer Experience Black Belt

Waypoint Group will be at VoC-Fusion, billed as “The World’s Largest Voice-of-Customer Event.”  The confeAgenda for the Insight-To-Action Certification workshoprence promises to be extremely useful for anyone running a customer feedback/loyalty program, not to mention the invaluable networking opportunities that will take place.

We’re also very pleased that Waypoint Group was asked to create and lead the “Insights to Action” workshop as part of VoC Certification, which will also be held at this event. The Certification will prove invaluable through a series of five well designed and highly engaging courses, where you will learn best practices in loyalty program design and VOC program implementation.  Our portion of the Certification will cover best practices in data gathering techniques, analysis (including financial linkage, key driver, and critical statistical methods) and the best ways to turn insights into action.

We hope to see you there!

Steve is the Founder of Waypoint Group and mastermind behind TopBox, the voice of customer engagement platform for B2B. As a customer success veteran, Steve has helped shift the Net Promoter® framework for SaaS and B2B companies, highlighting the need for account-based KPI's and measuring ROI for CX. Beware of those silent accounts! Contact him at


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