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The Ultimate Guide to Evaluating B2B Survey Solutions

The Ultimate Guide to Evaluating B2B Survey Solutions

Making the most out of the feedback you’ve requested (and hopefully received!) from your customers is everything in Customer Success (CS). The hard part is ensuring you have the right tools in place to engage correctly with your accounts, ensure things are actioned effectively and on time, understanding how trustworthy your feedback is, and how all this positively impacts company revenue.

Whether you call it “survey” software, Voice-of-Customer (VoC), Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM), NPS (Net Promoter SystemTM), or CX (Customer Experience), the tools available can be a minefield and it can be difficult to understand the purpose of all the features and what you should really care about.

b2b survey solutionsTo help, we’ve created this Ultimate Guide whitepaper which will show you the key requirements for B2B customer feedback tools, how each can be used, why they are necessary for B2B firms, and also what pitfalls to avoid.

Make sure your software can automate the things it needs to and ensure you’re making decisions based on the trustworthy data with the help of this resource. Get the ultimate lowdown on what you need to be doing with your feedback and make sure your tools are enabling actionable insight from the right people.

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Sabrina is the Director of Marketing for Waypoint Group and TopBox. She is originally from Miami and moved to the Bay Area in 2011 from New York to earn an MBA from the University of San Francisco. Sabrina has worked in both agency and corporate marketing teams and loves helping customers be successful.


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