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Account Based Feedback X-ray

Who in the account is happiest?

Account X-Rays Direct Teams to Action. 

Prioritize account outreach with Decision Makers, Influencers or Day-to-Day contacts and close the loop effectively. The Account X-Ray reports details account based feedback by contact role, color coded for satisfaction.

In this particular example, ACME Corp has more people within the account who rate the company a 5 or lower. There are 2 people who think highly of your company and one who is lukewarm.

With this information, your teams knows exactly who to contact and how to best frame the conversation.

The grey boxes are contacts who did not respond at all — more than half! While a good number of people at ACME Corp are engaged, this can be an indicator that the account’s health is poor — especially within accounts that are completely silent.

account based feedback x-ray

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Next steps: Build relationships and close the loop with the right people! Account managers can click on the individual contact tabs to see the questionnaire and specific answers to guide conversations.

See how much revenue is at stake in the Financial Linkage report. 

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