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Understanding Strategic Accounts Webinar

Understanding Strategic Accounts Webinar

Included in this webinar:

Managing different accounts to ensure customer success can be an overwhelming task if given little direction on where to focus account outreach. The best customer success initiatives are genuine in helping people achieve their goals in a proactive manner, not just around renewal time.

Use an account based approach when analyzing customer feedback to understand how specific customers view your company, comparing their sentiment with similar customers in a segment. For this product showcase, CEO Steve Bernstein walks viewers through a Strategic Account view of understanding which customers are successful and how to act on the feedback.

Analyze the dynamics of different segments, like Strategic Accounts, to answer questions like…

  • Which people within your Strategic Accounts are your biggest advocates?
  • How much revenue is at risk of churn?
  • Where should Account Managers focus their account outreach?
  • Are there any upsell or cross-sell opportunities within Strategic Accounts?

Watch the Webinar Recording

Use these insights to fuel:

Collecting feedback is not just an exercise in surveys. When the data is used properly, voice of customer input can fuel revenue for many different parts of the business.

  • Customer success in QBR’s for Account Teams
  • Product innovation for Engineering
  • Referrals for Marketing
  • Upsell/cross-sell opportunities for Sales
  • ROI for the C-Suite