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Ultimate Guide to B2B Survey Solutions

Ultimate Guide to B2B Survey Solutions

The Ultimate Guide for Evaluating B2B Survey Solutions

9 Requirements to improve Customer Success

A lot of companies ask for feedback but make it harder on themselves to decipher any of the insights because they thought about it all wrong. B2B companies have unique structures compared to consumer-facing businesses. These nine requirements for a solid B2B customer feedback program drive accuracy and help you understand the strength of customer relationships.  Make smarter choices with insights you can trust, allowing you to see inside your accounts, and know what to do to activate a promoter or convert a detractor.

Make sure your “Voice of Customer” software is doing as much for you as it can, helping to alleviate error-prone results that can cost your company money in poor decisions and also in churned accounts.

Download this Ultimate Guide whitepaper to see why you need to include these 9 tools for a CX program that is fit for B2B.

Gather customer feedback: b2b survey solutions

1. Non-responder Management

2. Role-Based Questionnaires

3. Mobile Readiness

Address urgent issues:

4. Role-Based and Context-Aware Alerts

5. Account-level Reporting

Breadth and depth discussions:

6. Role-based and client-based security

7. Trustworthiness Framework

Feedback to customer, Broader learnings & Fixes:

8. Cohort analysis

9. Key Driver Reporting and Financial Linkage

Having the right strategy in place with the tools that meet the requirements outlined above allows your team to act on customer insights and deliver on the promise of, ‘If you give me feedback, I will ensure we address it.”  That promise alone is sure to delight.


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