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Case Study: Success Inside & Out

Success Inside & Out

Waypoint Group was hired to establish an ongoing, sustainable Customer Experience improvement effort that would engage both employees and customers at a leading SaaS firm.

Background: Beyond product usability, our client recognized that a customer-centric culture is critical to sustain the company’s fast pace and fantastic growth rates. As a software-as-a-service company, monthly recurring revenue (MRR) had become a significant lagging Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for measuring the health of key business segments. The management team recognized the need for a set of leading indicators that could ensure they were allocating resources into the optimal areas.

Approach: Beginning with an internal readiness assessment, we led a series of collaborative workshops in which the company could address employee concerns while also leveraging the existing appetite for proactive improvement.

Our deliverables consisted of two core elements:

  1. Designing a closed-loop system that fit into employee’s existing roles and responsibilities, with a keen focus on awareness and education within the existing MRR culture. We showed employees at all levels how to target customer treatment based on an effective 4-portfolio approach. Activating Promoters, Engaging Passives, Converting Detractors, and Developing Disengaged customers.
  2. Relevant analysis with statistical rigor. As a sophisticated company with analytic-minded employees, we knew that adoption depended on both clarity and validity in the analysis. Our approach ensured that all analysis aligned with go-to-market strategies, answered critical business questions, and provided confidence in decision making.

Key findings/ Results:

  • High scoring accounts in one key segment spend 63% more than Detractors
  • Disengaged, non-responding accounts are 4x likely to churn
  • Gained clear evidence that their own customers gained accelerated growth—not just efficiency gains—as a result of using their solution.
  • 6% increase in response rates wave-over-wave
  • 44% reduction in Detractors
  • 1-in-3 respondent follow-ups directly resulted in new sales opportunities