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Feedback for Customer Success Teams Webinar

Feedback for Customer Success Teams Webinar

In this webinar, learn how one team has been able to act on feedback and increase customer success

Lots of CSM’s are inundated with high numbers of accounts and base outreach purely on renewal dates. But being proactive in helping customers reach their goals with your company should be much more strategic than that! Hear from VP of Client Services, Paul Piazza, and rock star CSM, Ashley Nicholson, on how they’ve been able to not only help change the minds of Detractors, but also identify their Promoters and activate advocates to build relationships that lead to longer customer lifetime value (CLV). We’ll walk you through examples of how to use an account-based management approach for customer feedback that helps prioritize action items and effectively engage with customers for optimal success.

Topics include:feedback for customer success webinar
  • Why feedback is different for B2B
  • Prioritizing account outreach and action items
  • Sharing insights across the company
  • Results for customer success

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