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Best Practices Webinar with Intacct

Best Practices Webinar with Intacct

In this webinar, learn how one team has been able to act on feedback and increase customer success

In this 45-minute fireside-style Q&A discussion, you’ll hear from VP of Client Services, Derek Taylor and Program Manager, Kimberly Graham, alongside Waypoint Group CEO, Steve Bernstein.

They’ll share how they’ve created an efficient workflow that helps close the loop with ALL respondents using different tools like TopBox, Gainsight and Salesforce. The team will also discuss how they view different segments of customers with account-based strategies, including those Silent Accounts who are known to churn faster. All these efforts have been useful in improving systematic change to strengthen relationships with customers and build Customers for Life.

Watch the Webinar Recording

Included topics & Where to find them in the recording:

  • Evolution of the program: 2:30′
  • Best practices in Program Design (Contact recruitment, Role-Based Reporting): 6:00′
  • Closing the Loop with Individuals (Tools used, process for the team): 17:26′
  • Closing the Loop with Accounts (1:Many, Using the feedback in Account Reviews): 24:30′
  • Analytics to understand themes & Driving Engagement: 27′
  • Sharing the insights across the company: 31:18′
  • Customer response & Sharing the Feedback with Customers (Active Listening): 33′
  • Root Cause & Communications: 35:15′
  • Comment Analysis: 40′
  • Advice to fellow practitioners: 41:05′

 Use these insights to fuel:

  • A focused closed loop follow-up process
  • Strong customer relationships
  • Renewals
  • Product enhancements
  • Quarterly Business Reviews

best practices webinar

March 31, 2016