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Acting on Feedback Webinar

Acting on Feedback Webinar

Included in this webinar:

For this product showcase, CEO Steve Bernstein walks viewers through an account-based view of understanding which customers are successful and how to act on the feedback. Before your team begins analyzing and making recommendations for improvement, it’s important to know how representative the data is of your customers. Does this data really reflect how all your customers feel about the company? TopBox provides metrics for account response rate, number of contacts invited and whether they are a Decision Maker or Day-to-Day contact to give teams the confidence to base decisions using this data.

This webinar also touches on key driver analysis with TopBox, a report that shows how important each touchpoint or relationship aspect is to the account so teams can understand which improvement strategies will really move the needle.

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Arm your team with the tools to know:

  • Trustworthiness of Data – Does it accurately represent the account?
  • Internal Benchmarks – How does this score compare to other accounts?
  • Key Driver Analysis – Which touchpoints & improvements will move the needle?

Use these insights to fuel:

  • A focused closed loop follow-up process
  • Renewals
  • Quarterly Business Reviews